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Thursday, April 30, 2009

MEP's vote for action on Vulture

Some years ago the European Union introduced new rules to combat "Mad Cow" disease, this forced farmers to clear all dead livestock away.

This has meant that Vultures, most commonly found in Spain, have been forced to embark on some rather long trips to find food (one was spotted on top of a Brussel's bus shelter.

MEPs have now voted for a change in the law which will allow farmers to leave dead livestock in their fields - providing it is deemed safe and hygienic.

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Jan said...

No doubt the local farmers round here will be relieved if this act comes into force - it will mean that what they already do is now legal! Normally here they do put them in a ditch or something out of sight, but it's a ridiculous amount of money and paperwork to have a dead sheep, for example, removed from a field, farmers can't afford it. The Red Kites and Buzzards here are grateful for small mercies I think. It will also stop gruesome goings on too - like farmers dumping dead animals in forestry - seen that myself twice last year, not nice when you walk near and catch the stench....