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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

in Mufti

well no sightseeing I'm afraid. As I wandered along from Liverpool Street station this morning I saw a few buildings with windows blocked out but I was heading away from the city.

Some people had dressed down, although as Mickey Clarke said on Radio 5 this morning, some of these people have no idea on mufti. One chap looked like a senior politician ATTEMPTING to dress down. Since I had my own laptop with me I dressed down and stuck it in a scruffy ruck sack :D

Now you are asking WHY is he taking HIS PC. Well I can't get wifi on the work one and so if there were any problems I'd have no way of getting the web. As it was I needed to sign in so used MY pc and MY mobile broadband (which worked very well in London I might add).

As I came home lots of police at Liverpool Street station. One of the policeman with a Nikon D2x!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why would windows be blocked out and people dressed in mufti.

Pete said...

uhm the g20? lots of protests

avalon said...

Bet your pleased that three day trip is over, oh for not having to travel on public transport all the time! The trouble they were expecting was not as bad as they feared in the city looking at the news last night.