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Friday, April 10, 2009

A day out in the Easter Sun.

It's Good Friday and as I laid in bed this morning and the weather forecast said that East Anglia would be nice so I hopped out of bed and headed out!

I decided to see if there were Stone-curlews back at Weeting Heath (with a quick stop at Walker's Snack Bar), they may have been but I couldn't find any! Hey ho.

I decided to pop into Lynford Arboetum, I wasn't looking for Hawfinches but to see if any winter finch flocks were about, there weren't any! Still loads of butterflies, Orange Tip, Peacock and LOADS of brilliant yellow Brimstones. A little Grebe on the lake and a few photos.

Not a great photo, he was shy!

And so on to Oxburgh Hall. The sun was shining down so instead of joining the queue I went to the snack bar bought a drink and read a bit in the sun - lovely.

A kingfisher zipped through. Lovely sight!

I then went back to the snack bar to soak up more sun and have a rather decent Ham Sandwich. Read a fair bit more of my book, this is the life.

The traffic on the way back was awful luckily in the opposite direction. I assume it was all the folks deciding Europe was too expensive, lets hope they all head back soon so the roads are quieter !


Anonymous said...

Lovely set of photo's Pete. The tree carving very impressive.


Tricia said...

Some good pictures there. The House reflected in the water is very calming and I love the tree "sculpture".

I can feel the sun beating down and I'm green about those blue skies you had. Not the same down my way.

Pete said...

ta paul.

did it rain trish???

Tricia said...

If that's wot the wet stuff's called then YES!!

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures as usual. Oh the flowers, I'm green with envy. That tree trunk is fabulous, gives me ideas, lol.