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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Village for Sale

If you have a spare £20-23 million (i did look down the back of the sofa but 50p and an old barley sugar were all I could find) then you may be interested in the following.

The village of Linkenholt (population 40) in Hampshire (near Andover) has been up for sale by its present owners the erbert and Peter Blagrave Charitable Trust. For your money you will own a manor house, 22 houses, 1,439 acres arable land, 103 acres of grassland and 425 acres woodland, a cricket field and a commercial shoot. Currently all of the properties are rented out.

There is a blacksmith and a shop run from a front room. The villagers are naturally concerned that new owners will want to change the place.

According to Colin Boast the Blacksmith:

We just hope that someone will buy it and keep as it is. The most important people in this are those who have been here forever. It will be very difficult for them if the village is changed or if their homes are not as secure as they have been.

There has to be a fear that any new owner will try and maximize profits.

Oh the 12th century church of St Peter (congregation 16) is the only few building not included in the sale as it is owned by the diocese of Winchester.

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