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Friday, March 20, 2009

This and that

You may have heard about the volcano erupting underwater off the Tongan coast. In case you haven't heard about it or seen any footage then do click here and check out the video. It's pretty spectacular.

JUST when I almost give up on TV for dumbing now to new levels of imbecility I watch something that makes me go YES!! BBC4 was showing an episode of Natural World narrated by Sir David Attenboroug. The programme was called "Satoyama: Japan's Secret Watergarden"

It followed an 83 year old fisherman called Sangoro Tanaka, who "lives according to an ancient way of life that has much to teach the world about sustainable living.". Satoyama, in Japan, has lakes and rivers which is home to variety of fish, water birds, snakes and dragonflies. The camera work was amazing and for 50 minutes or so I was enchanted.

Ok it was a repeat but it was still the best thing I've watched in ages.


Anonymous said...

You make England heaven on earth. You apparently live close to London but have access to beautiful wildlife and historic sites AND good TV. American TV is horrid. The constant interruption by long multiple commercials or fund raisers makes it difficult to watch. In Philadelphia we dont get the best BBC productions. Right now we have MI-5 which is boring. The only interesting thing about it is it has Hugh Laurie as an Englishman. He stars on American network TV in a series as a very peculiar American crippled doctor called House who is a drug addict.

Pete said...


it is most definitely not heaven on earth!! the thing is though it is small so you are never that far away from some wonderful places. Even in London there are some beautiful buildings and wildlife havens. Its the advantage of living somewhere which is as I say small and very old!

MI-5? never heard of it

Hugh Laurie I know well he was brilliant playing Bertie Wooster.

Tricia said...

I agree with what you've said about lack of anything watchable on TV recently and last night's programme was amazing! Why can't we have more like this?