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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RSPB and WInd Farms

The RSPB has called for more Wind Farms to be built.

The RSPB says it will draw up a map of environmentally sensitive sites where it would advise that farms should be avoided. It will then work with developers to advance farms in less sensitive areas.

The RSPB believes the UK could greatly increase onshore wind development without damaging nature conservation.

Ruth Davis said it was in favour of such an expansion because

Left unchecked, climate change threatens many species with extinction

Yet that sense of urgency is not translating into actions on the ground to harness the abundant wind energy around us.

There has been controversy in the past because it has been believed that birds can crash into the blades of the turbines. I guess the RSPB believes its map will minimise the risks.

In 2007 2% of the UK's energy came from wind power that compares with 29% in Denmark, 20% in Spain and 15% in Germany.

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