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Saturday, March 21, 2009

mucking about

Thanks to Trish for her comments.

I've had a play.

I think with B&W I need to underexpose. I've played with contrast and darkened. Comments appreciated.


Tricia said...

Much better pics and well defined. The detail's so much more positive.

Anonymous said...

The winding path and the circular forms and the perspective of the buildings were even more interesting with the very vivid color of the grass. Why did you chose to make this shot black and white I wonder.

Pete said...

ta T.

Anony - I was just playing about to see how they come out and what people think. ta for the feedback

Anonymous said...

Good old B/W you just can't beat this medium in buildings and other variations of photography. Lovely definition brought to the fore in your photo's Pete.


digibirder said...

Better - b&w does need more contrast.