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Monday, March 09, 2009

The White Deer

Let me first state I am not naturally predisposed to oppose shooting. I mean it would be a bit hypocritical of me to order rabbit from a restaurant or buy it from a supermarket and then object to someone taking a gun and bagging one for the pot wouldn't it?

I appreciate that we lack natural predators for some creatures in this country and some control is essential. However a very rare white deer has been discovered in the Scottish lowlands and apparently people are prepared to pay to kill it.

Kevin Stuart, who has the stalking rights, hopes to get up to £6,000 (four times more than normal) from a trophy-seeking client when the season opens in three weeks.

According to Charlie Jacoby, editor of Sporting Rifle magazine
A white roebuck is extraordinary, a once-in-a-decade deer. Anyone who loves deer stalking will think about trying to shoot it.

You see I just don't understand the point, killing something for food? well yes I can relate to that but killing just to stick the skin on your wall seems a perverse activity to me.


Tricia said...

Mindless and senseless are the words that come to my mind with regard to killing merely for sport; killing for killing's sake!

avalon said...

Just hate the thought of it , just sickening that is not sport!!

ShySongbird said...

That is obscene! What strange minds some people must have to get pleasure in that way, totally senseless!!

Pete said...

thanks for stopping by ss