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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wrong sort of Snow

The roads are like glass where they haven't been salted.

Of course this paralyis has allowed the Great British Public to once again spout their usual ill informed nonsense.

"Its disgusting, I've just come back from 3 years in Boston and....."
"I've been on Holiday in Austria and....."

Now the point is how often do we see weather ? I reckon the last time we had anything like this amount of snow was 1991. The thing is we have to make a decision do we want to spend a fortune preparing for events that are once in 20 years? The answer is no! Boston and Austria get massive amounts of snow every year they have to prepare.

And of course the schools are closed, so parents complain that when they were at school the schools were always open. Well yeah they were, but there is a reason for that, everyone lived near where they worked. Teachers could walk to work. Now we all tend to live miles from work its not so easy.

Get over it people!


Liz said...

Exactly Pete, there's no way we can justify spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands on snow plows that would be used once every 10/20 years.

It doesn't make any sense at all.

Nor would we expect drivers to buy studded tyres just on the off chance we get some deep snow.

Tricia said...

I don't think I can add to what Liz has already so sensibly stated!

Except to say that, yes, teachers do live further away from school as do most people live further away from their jobs now. With modern technology and the improvement in cars etc. etc. it makes all that possible.

Disruption to normal service really only becomes evident when normal modes of transport can't operate - for whatever reason!

Beki said...

Hehe, you saw the same news section as we did and had the same rant!

Anonymous said...

Its not the just the winter weather that has kept schools shops and offices closed, its the health & safety nutters and the mad following of U.S. litigation culture!! its about time we stopped following the yanks like some love sick puppy. Since we lost our Empire, we have floundered around not knowing what to do with this once great nation, its about time we got on with making our own decisions, got rid of the P.C. brigade and the rest of the so called do gooders. We have become the laughing stock of the world!!!


Pete said...

well can you blame h&s ? if you have a bunch of idiots who don't believe in accidents......

and these people who sue are the same people who complain about the nanny state.