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Monday, February 09, 2009


Five Leaves Publishing have an imprint called Crime Express. Crime Express are publishing a series of flapped paperback novellas roughly the size of postcards and not much heavier. At less than 100 pages per book, each is thin enough to slip into your pocket or purse.

Now can ask I a question ? What's the point? Who the hell wants one of these? They are priced at £4.99 which frankly is the price of a paperback in Tesco's these days.

Small size? well on a typical to and from work train journey I'd easily read one. Ok I could slip two in a jacket pocket but honestly I don't see this as a big plus.

I suppose it may work if you have works by authors people would want to read, and I'll admit that one of two of the titles would interest me e.g John Harvey's Trouble in Mind and Stephen Booth's Claws (featuring regulars DS Fry and DC Cooper) but eventually these will appear in collections by the author.

Most of the rest of the back catalogue doesn't have "pulling" power. Even if
This series of small format, flapped paperbacks is numbered - to encourage you to collect the set!

So I think my original question remains who really is likely to buy it and is this really financially viable?

Although I must say any attempt to get quality short fiction out in the market place is laudable

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