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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"New" Reserve

I mentioned a while ago that the RSPB were going to have a managed retreat at its Titchwell Marsh reserve in Norfolk.

The idea is by allowing the sea to breach the defensive wall, the sea wall will be moved back behind the present brackish marsh which will be allowed to return to tidal saltmarsh. Allowing a partial return to tidal saltmarsh will, it is hoped, save the fresh water marshes and reed beds where birds such as the bittern and marsh harrier breed.

The RSPB is also creating new nesting sites at its Frampton Marsh and Freiston shore reserves in Lincolnshire (the other side of the wash). Countryfile had a piece from Frampton last Sunday. The "new" reserve will have 3 hides and I think a visitors centre. The reserve opens in April, hopefully it'll be good for wildlife, good for those of us who enjoy watching birds and hopefully good for businesses in the area.

I've never been, may have to pop up for a long weekend at some stage (and there are a few churches in the area!).


Tricia said...

Great that there are going to be new nesting sites and it certainly sounds worth a visit!

At Tichwell, it will be interesting to see what happens once the sea wall has been moved and the sea's moved in!

Yoke, said...

Exciting when new nesting sites are created and when measures are taken to save the existing nesting sites.

A pity that it is bit too far from here.

Good luck in planning a weekend; we will read about it no doubt.