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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laptop gets an upgrade

My little laptop has been struggling of late.

When it was new it whizzed along but nowadays it struggles. Virus downloads cause it problems as does the scrabble game on facebook (this thing EATS memory).

The battery is starting to fail as well so I was considering changing it for a newer model. The problem is most laptops now come with vista and I really want XP (Dell for instance will sell you a business laptop with XP but there isn't much choice).

Now my laptop has 512mb of memory so as I could upgrade it to 2gb for £30 from Dell (naff call centre by the way) I thought "well worth a try".

Anyway the memory came and the PC now has four times the memory. It seems to be MUCH healthier, when McAfee downloaded it was fine (not even noticeable) and Scrabble has been laughed at. The PC will never be fast, its 3-4 years old but it is fine for me.

So the little laptop has had it's life extended. I'll now have to consider a new battery, Dell want a £110!! I can get one cheaper but has anyone got a company they have used? There are some places on Amazon.

Oh I took the Vodafone mobile broadband to work and it worked. Signal was poor BUT it was able to get into the BBC site and do searches no problem.


Tricia said...

My laptop's got Vista and I really really don't like it. I know someone else who feels the same.

Battery price seems exorbitant!

Anonymous said...

How u get scrabble on facebook? I got battery on ebay.

Pete said...

there's a couple of apps on facebook.

if you do a search you should find it. the only problem is that there is a North American version and a rest of world version.

if you live in Nth America you can only play that version and vice versa