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Friday, February 06, 2009

Going mobile

Your blogger is a bit indecisive. I've been considering digital radio for ages and some sort of mobile broadband for even longer!

The thing with mobile broadband is how well will it work?

There are some reasonable contracts about for £10 a month but I don't want a contract! If you find it doesn't work very well then you are stuffed and anyway I intend it for emergencies and holidays. Pay as you go looked interesting but whereas with a contract the USB stick is free with pay as you go you pay for it and this was costing £99.

My research had led me to believe that the two best providers were Vodafone and T-Mobile. And so I was interested when I saw that device prices had fallen greatly.

Vodafone's offering was £39 plus a 1gb of usage. With each additional 1gb being £15 and with no time limit on when you use the 1gb. The T-mobile offering was £39 with the cost being £2 a day or £10 for 7 days or £20 for 30 days but you get 3gb.

Its hard to say what is the better deal. I guess if you need to use it a lot in a confined period then the T-mobile one wins. However i understand that a 1gb will allow me to surf for an hour a day per month, which should be fine for my needs (occasional usage on holiday), also means I won't sit on the internet whilst on holidays or feel the need to check my work email!!

So I have taken the plunge and ordered the Vodafone offering. If it is a pile of junk I've not tied myself into a contract.

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Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

I'll be interested to know how you get on, as I too have been thinking about mobile web stugg. Had a 3G phone for 3 years now but need to look at other ways. As you hint, there are too many confusing choices, sometimes we just have to take a plunge and go with it.