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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I've mentioned a while back Dad lost the sight in his left eye. Although it has come back slightly, today he goes in for an op to remove the clot.

Obviously he is not looking forward to it, he has NEVER liked hospital and doctors. It doesn't help that the unit that does the op is the unit Mum went to to have a mastectomy.

His brother-in-law is taking him in and as he is due out Thursday morning I'll be picking him up and spending the day with him. Visiting is at 6:30-8 so I'll be spending Wednesday evening visiting him.


Tricia said...

Best wishes to your Dad.

Liz said...

I hope everything goes well and your dad makes a speedy recovery.

Although, I don't think anyone likes doctors or hospitals, I know I certainly don't and may be the reason I haven't been to the doctors in years.

avalon said...

Hope things go ok for dad, sure he will be fine x