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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dad II

Well I'm sitting at my desk when my mobile went. My heart went into mouth and then I looked at who was ringing at it said Mumdad !! what?

It was Dad, he had gone in had all the tests and was changed and ready to go when he and another chap was told there was an emergency come in and they been cancelled. I think I had better not quote his comment!

They then asked him how he was getting home.

Dad "Well I'll go get a bus"
Hosp "Can't your son get you"
Dad "no he's too far away"
Hosp "oh well we can't have that, if you go to xxxx we'll get you an ambulance"

He also got a cup of tea and a sandwich.

We await a new date.



Anonymous said...

How exasperating... but maybe next time he goes, he'll be more "been there, done that." :-)

Kate said...

I haven't stopped following you, it's a glitch in one of google's upgrades. If you go back to the post you left a comment on, I've left a link to the official explanation.

oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens, they actually got him home in an ambulance. Was that at no charge?? Wouldn't happen around here.

Anonymous said...

That's so annoying. I hope he gets sorted next week. Fingers crossed.