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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy eating food

I had Jan over last night. If the weather had been decent we'd probably have gone out for a meal but as it was we stayed in, drunk some wine and had a gossip.

Jan cooked a lovely meal, Carrot and Coriander soup and Tagiatelle, Salmon, King Prawns and Creme Fraiche. We were both too full for dessert.

As we drove in this morning I decided to avoid the rat run thinking the Theydon-Abridge road would be better after all the rain but the road was closed! By the closure sign there was a side road, so with no idea where I was going off I went. Well that's not quite true I knew roughly the direction I was heading. I was surprised though to end up on my rat run, the point we came out I had always thought was a dead-end road.


oldcrow61 said...

Tut, that woman is spoiling you, lol. Sounds like a great evening Pete.

Jan said...

I'm never too full for desert biggest downfall still. Put on half a stone now :sobs:

Anonymous said...

Ah, an impromtu excursion. Glad it was not anagravating one.

avalon said...

Thanks for a great evening, glad you enjoyed the meal many HUGS