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Friday, January 02, 2009

Waxwings and things

I mentioned to Trish before the New Year that there were Waxwings seen at Maldon in Essex and did she want to come up and...

So we set off early this morning and parked at Morrisons at Maldon and.... nothing a cyclist stopped us and said he was going to look at another roundabout so we walked to it (he stopped on the way back to say approx 15). We got there and.... yes there they were in the tree cameras pointed up and birds flew!!! Still we got to see them.

We headed back to Amwell. Without a scope I couldn't find a Smew BUT did see a female Goosander, Goldeneye, Snipe and Siskin.

Great Tit


Long Tails

Great Tit

Reed Bunting



Great Crested Grebe


Cormorants sitting in the trees

We had lunch at the excellent Rainbow and Dove the best pub in Harlow, that isn't much of a compliment really but the pub is very good. I'm not sure it is technically in Harlow.


Janine said...

ooo another view of the ltt feeding frenzy. The Reed Bunting is very ethereal as well. lovely shots Pete.

Mary said...

The GReat Tit is a great looking bird - sort of reminds me of a very large Chickadee.

Happy New Year, Pete! Let's hope for the best.

oldcrow61 said...

A good start to the new year, wonderful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic's Pete, my favourites, the Reedbunting, and Goldeneye. Have you ever seen their mating display, its superb.


Pete said...

Paul - I was watching a goldeneye chucking its head around whilst at Amwell.

Mary - the Great Tit (and Blue, Coal, Willow and Marsh) are all cousins of your chickadees. Marsh and Willow have similar colouring.

Janine - yeah those Long Tails have had a great year!

OC - ta