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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pulling up the Duvet

I was going birding this morning but when I woke up it was cold so I turned over pulled the duvet tight around me!!

I don't need any more books, I have a big pile in the "junk" room yet to be read, so what do I do Friday? Bought some books!!

Tesco's had collections of books for a fiver. I picked up John Le Carre's "Karla Trilogy" featuring George Smiley and three Jack Higgins novels (annoyingly not the Eagle Has Landed. No idea if I'll enjoy them but it represents good value I thought 6 books £10. I also bought John Harvey's Cold in Hand - the first new Resnick novel for years.

I'm an impulse buyer where books are concerned, I'll see something buy it and then not read it for TWO years!! I kid you not. It goes in the pile and then something I REALLY REALLY want will come out!! Always the way eh.

Now excuse me I have a book to read.


oldcrow61 said...

I'm a lot like you where books are concerned. Put me in a book store and I always come away with arms loaded.

Anonymous said...

Like you Pete i am a sucker for books! i have just started 1812 Napoleon's invasion of Russia.