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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Researching

The 1911 Census was released today. I discovered that my paternal grandfather was an office boy at the time aged 14. My surname is unusual and so it was easy to find my immediate family (I've done some research in the past, originally my Dad's family come from Lincolnshire). Although it was odd to find that my Great Grandfather's Brother was a patient in an institution (no idea what that means).

The 1921 census will eventually come out but that will it for a while. The 1931 census was lost in a fire and in 1941 the Government had other matters to hand.

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avalon said...

Ooh thanks for that, been waiting for 1911, will certainly tie up a few loose ends for my family. Got dads tree back as far as the 1500's
it does all seem to tie in as well on someone elses tree, i think he had been to old parish records in Southwold suffolk which is where they came from. Mum side were originally cornish