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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Earthquake Moment

Every year since 1997 I have spent a long weekend at the excellent Briarfields Hotel in North Norfolk. Well that's not quite true, the infamous year of 2002 I was unemployed and so didn't go.

I can tell you that I hated being unemployed, I have paid my taxes every year and so I claimed my jobseekers allowance of approx £54 per week and signed on (and I HATED it). Two of the most satisfying events of my life were

  • going into the job centre and telling the bloke I would not be able to come in the following week to sign on as I was going on holiday. This look of disgust came over his face and telling him I had a job and the following week and was going to enjoy myself before starting was WONDERFUL
  • sitting in the hotel the first night of said holiday with a drink and a book and ordering dinner.
Anyway with the exception of that time I've been to Briarfields. This year I am not!!

I am going to spend a long weekend in North Devon at the beginning of October.

I am unsure whether to go to the George Hotel at South Molton, a colleague in-laws say the food is excellent or do I head for the West Down guest house just down the road.

Pros and cons? The George is £65 bed breakfast and evening meal, seems to have a lovely menu and has wifi (so I can add photos for OC ;) ) the West Down seems simpler food wise and costs £55 bed, breakfast and evening meal. NO WIFI!!



oldcrow61 said...

The George Hotel, excellent food and wifi, can't beat that. And besides, I want pictures immediately, lol.

Anonymous said...

Briarfields Hotel looks the best of all.

Pete said...

oc oc oc

anony maybe next year. i want to visit the churches in the N.Devon area

Tricia said...


The George will cost more but has the advantage (?) of Wifi - but West Down Guest House looks attractive too.

If you leave aside Wifi, I think I'd go for West Down Guest House. Not as "exciting" a menu but good choices.

Anonymous said...

For the extra tenner, and all you asked for, do you need an opinion pete? you get what you pay for these days.


Anonymous said...

and at the West Down House you'll have those nice jolly people in the aluminum beach chairs to keep company with so you wont be lonely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete, sorry to throw a spanner into your blog-works but ... the West Down Guest House your link points to is not the West Down Guest House at South Molton near the George but in fact a very nice farm guest house located outside Umberleigh (Atherington). I can personally vouch that you will have an excellent time there with great food, nice accommodation and attentive service from Brenda and Roger . Oh yes and they do have wifi !!

Pete said...

anony - s'ok that is the one i meant they aren't THAT far apart!!

anyway i'm booked into the George. damn if I'd known about the wifi!!