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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ducks and a showy Robin

I had plans for today and the weather was good enough but somehow I ended up over the Forest.

I reported a week or so ago that one of the Grebes had died frozen in the ice. I had heard that a second had turned up and today two Grebes were displaying and on top of that there was a third!!

After lunch I took my first visit to Rye Meads. It was very bird light, there wasn't even a Green Sandpiper!! Highlight were 4 common gulls.

Well that isn't true, the highlight was this chap. They look better opened up.


Yoke, said...

Lovely photos, Pete, and it sounds that you had a nice day, despite the fact that Common Gulls and a wonderful and curious (or is he anxious perhaps?) Robin had to make up for lack of other more interesting species. but c'est la vie.

Carin Fuchs said...

A very obliging Robin that one!
I like the third picture from the bottom best, what a hairdo!
First and second picture from the bottom are the same pictures, the second looks more 'natural' to me than the last.

Pete said...

ta yoke. he flew off just after I walked off!!

Carin. almost the same! I was interested what people felt. I agree with you :D

Anonymous said...

I just love those last 3 photos Pete, it looks like you picked him/her up, gave the feathers a ruffle, and put back in tree lol.


Tricia said...

Now that's a robin with attitude! Nice one Pete :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures of the Robin.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the last photo of the Robin... the colour of the background really kicks it off. Lovely. :-)