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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Baby it's cold inside

When I went out yesterday I left the heating on low. When I came in I turned it up did a few things then an hour later went for a shower. Now subconsciously I had thought the house was cooler than it should have been but thought nothing to it until the hot water quickly turned to cold.

I went around checked the boiler which was chuging away but the radiators were cold.


I played around a bit with various switches and no joy. So I waited 20 mins for British Gas to answer the phone and got an appointment for today. Now whilst waiting for the call to be answered I had checked the radiator by the phone and nothing. No sooner did I put the phone down and the flipping radiators were getting hot. Shakes head in frustration. I then spent a further 10 mins waiting to cancel the call.

I did check this morning and the radiators were PIPING hot when the heating came on. I guess my fiddling released a sticky switch.

Still I was very snug in bed last night all tucked up.

Oh it seems we had another snow shower. I use the term in its wimpy South East England sense.

1 comment:

avalon said...

You must have been freezing, thank goodness it is working now, brrr a cold shower can't think of anything worse at the moment, we still have a heavy frost here today. stay warm tonight! hope the heating is working