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Friday, January 30, 2009

And your opinions

I'd like your opinion on the following pictures.

I am not looking for comments on the artistic merit or composition or of the the subject matter. I just want to know if you can see a discernable difference in quality (when opened up) between the two batches. Nothing has been done to the pics. They were taken in JPEG in landscape / scenery mode and resized for loading to the blog. I know that this isn't a scientific test but I'd be interested.




Anonymous said...

you have to know that the last one is stinky. The 2 columned porticos good.

Tricia said...

Now this is interesting. There are differences between the two batches.

Colour - this is more saturated in batch B - and it's a matter of taste as to whether it's an improvement or not.

Sharpness - in Batch A the definition of the distance objects is better than that in Batch B. But the reverse is also true i.e. In Batch B the definition is better than Batch A in the objects closer to the camera.

The external columns of the entrance to the building: in Batch A the there is no narrowing off (towards the top) whereas this is very pronounced in Batch B. In this instance I very much prefer the Batch A picture.

Pete said...

anony - name? the last one he refused to pose!! no flash either which I thought was impressive. anyway batch a or batch b??

trish - the colour differences was amazing. if i was scientific i'd have changed the zoom for the portico shot

Mary said...

Overall I think I prefer batch B I like the colours better (maybe they just suit my monitor better) I like the slightly bluer sky it seems to give the clouds better definition.I agree that the nearer objects seem better defined in batch b

st said...

Pete- On the whole i agree, with Tricia's comments.
The exception being the wanted shot in batch b. that's just superb.
The same trial, with a very colourful subject Mid distance, would prove interesting.

Was there much time difference between the pictures? I'm thinking, better light may have an effect on colour saturation.

I.e. there is a lot less cloud (generally) in batch b

Mary said...

Pete, I enlarged the photos for a comparison from A to B. I think the photos in Batch B are crisper. (But it's Friday night and my eyes are tired).

Pete said...

st - the cloud puzzles me. since i took them at the same time. fluke i guess!!

mary (forest) - ta

mary (view) - intesting, i'll post my thoughts tomorrow afteroon.