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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The US Election

Our cousins across the pond vote today. They'll vote not only for who should be president but at state level on a number of "issues" (which arguably tells you more about the country than who they choose to be president.

It looks a certainty that Obama will win. But I guess there are no certainties, how firm is Obama's support? Will the young get off their backsides and vote? If they don't then they have only themselves to blame.

I do find it amusing when I hear Republicans describe Obama as at best a Socialist and almost a communist. By British standards he most definitely would not be described as a socialist but the British are much more Liberal on certain issues.

So who would I vote for? As I've said before I actually think McCain is the better candidate. I may not agree with him on certain issues but I think he is more grounded with where we are than Obama. And if I'm honest I don't understand what Obama stands for. He wants to change, heal, build bridges but I'm not sure how he is going to do it. He reminds me of Tony Blair. BUT if I had a vote I would vote for Obama because the idea of a creationist moose hunter who has never been outside of the US like Sarah Palin as President of the US scares the living daylights out of me.


Murph said...

People used to say the same thing about Ronald Reagan and look what..... oh, I see what you mean.

Mary said...

Some might say we are doomed no matter what the outcome of the election is... History is in the making today. We'll all be OK.

Dawn said...

yeah the thought of Sarah Palin in power sends shivers down my spine too!!

Anyway it's bound to be Obama - he's the best looking!!

Pete said...

Murph - she frightens me more!!

Mary - I like that, Americans are ssoo optimistic! Us Brits are pessimists!!

Dawn - considered the issues eh

Katt said...

Hi Pete, really like your blog! I agree with you about Mrs. Palin. After eight years of having the world think most Americans look up to narcissistic pinheads that can't speak in coherent sentences, Obama will be a welcome change in more ways than one.

Kate said...

I agree with you about Sarah Palin. IMHO she lost the election for McCain. Some of her opinions were so odd I couldn't imagine any same person wanting to run the risk of her ending up with the top job.