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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday – The Hunt for Dawn’s Bittern

I met Dawn, Diane & Keith at Potteric Carr this morning (a rather good reserve on the outskirts of Doncaster that does a mean Bacon sarnie).

Dawn wondered if we had meant Old Moor as the rest of us were a few minutes late. As we walked through the door of the visitors centre there was a big picture of a Bittern.

Dawn “it’s a myth they don’t exist”

The myth had been seen at Piper’s Marsh so off we went. We walked in the hide and were greeted with “Bittern, showing”.

I think Dawn thought this MIGHT be one of my wind ups but NO there it was

Yes I know this isn’t good but here is a distant record shot.

We watched it for a while with Dawn oohing and aahing and then it flew, again not good but here we go….

And have some more pictures…..

A couple of poor record shots of a Willow Tit

After we departed (it was a bit cold). I headed off for some churches. I drove past one on my list St George Doncaster but the traffic was heavy and there will be other days. I had three other targets the first was locked but the others……

728 St Cuthbert, Fishlake

729 St Lawrence Hatfield

I was lucky because it is only open 2-4. The chap inside was chatting to me and asked if I was from Hatfield!! I said no I was from Essex. His wife said to him that with my accent it was obvious I wasn’t local!

And they are the first churches in South Yorkshire I’ve ticked.


Anna said...

Bitterns do exist.

Now water rails, they definitely don't.

Neither do bearded tits.


Pete said...

Anna - go to Potteric and wait by feeding station. They are easy at Amwell in winter!

Dawn said...

Only just got round to reading this. Still smiling from seeing a myth in real life!! thankyou