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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its Cold, Grey and Wet

Will someone please remove this blanket of grey? I can take cold but I'd like it to be crisp and dry with bright blue skies.

Anyway it isn't pleasant out there and the constant drizzle means I decided against going out this afternoon.

Dad and I went to Tesco this morning. They had a decent range of digital radios and I had a quick look (why is the stlying so NAFF!!). Saw a couple of models that were less compact than the Roberts RD14 I was looking at, but both were ok for travel (Roberts RD-59 and the Sony XDRS55). I will need to think.

I hope to be going to London next Saturday, I'm not sure where to go to yet. Possibilities? well what do you reckon to one of the following?
National Gallery
British Museum
Tower of London
Kensington Palace

I'll probably take my little Canon (I wish it had a wide-angled lens, and before twitchi says anything NO) and leave the dSLR at home.


Anonymous said...

I'm saying nothing!!

Do you have somewhere you can go to try several of your chosen radio choices? That would probably be the best bet, although if one has good reviews that is usually a good sign. The Roberts one looks to be popular, although a different style to the ones you were considering the other day.

I know it took me ages to decide on an MP3 player, but then that's not unusual for me!

Anonymous said...

Your comments on Annie Leibovitz at the National Portrait Gallery would be interesting.

Tricia said...

Well I'd opt for Tower of London (because I've never been) - with (if pos) Tower Bridge additionally. If the very top is open, it's a great photo opportunity I've been told!

Eagleseagles said...

Well I am Tricia on this - The Tower - I have been on a number of occasions the last few visits were slightly more priviledged as I had students there on work experience!
The best occasion was when one of the boys had a work placement there arranged by his father who was a Yeoman of the Guard!

There is lots to see- and combine it with the Tower Bridge - the view from the walkways is really great but I would have the dslr camera,

A bright crisp clear day is best!

If its pouring with rain I would go to the National Gallery. Its vast so I would pick a couple of galleries to do properly.
Its a place to go again and again.

Depends on what you think of the exhibitions at the British Museum - not sure I am that interested in anything at the mo.

An alternative ?

The Natural History Museum -

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008
Darwin ...Exhibition.

I am a member there and both look really good. The Wildlife Photography Exhibition I will go with a friend during the Christmas holiday -Darwin I shall be going to in January.

Hope you have a good day I'm off to Slimbridge for a Photography workshop/lecture/talk/ with Andy Rouse!