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Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Grey Day

The world is all grey, this is not good for photography.

It is on days like this when my nice warm duvet is hard to get out of of a morning. But get out I did.

I decided i'd have a nose around Hatfield Forest. There were a few Bullfinches and Green Woodies about and a flock of long-tailed tits. The lake was quiet lots of Mallards

and Canada Geese. Two Great Crested Grebes remain on the lake.

I was feeling a bit grey myself as I walked back along the path by the lake when a flock of small birds flew overhead. My initital thought was Goldfinces but through the bins I found about 30 Siskin!! First of the winter.

I popped into a petshop and got a pile of doggy stuff. Its Shane's birthday next week.

Think its a feet up read a book afternoon.


Tricia said...

Siskins - nice "bright" spot :)

Mrs. Mallard makes a good picture.

Yoke said...

Haven't seen Siskins for some time. Used to brighten my feders, when Octobers-were-all-about-Finches- up until 2006.
Global warming? who knows.

Miss Mallards looks very happy and content.
and love the Grebes too.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the glimpse of Grebes /Deb