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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Carin has asked why I restrict my travels to the UK.

There are a number of reasons, some good, some bad, some stupid.

I'd like to see Western Europe, to see the cathedrals of France, the great cities of Italy and of course the birds. I'm put off by the language barrier I guess. Yes I know that a large numbers of continental Europeans speak English very well. Which is highly embarrassing for us Brits who are RUBBISH at languages.

But the "fear" of not understanding worries me. Its ok if you are in a group but I like my own company and the idea of two weeks with other people with no escape is a scary scenario. I don't do people well, I'm awful at small talk and honestly I do enjoy being by myself.

And before OC comments that everyone speaks English in Canada!

Then there is the travel, I like the fact that in a car I'm in control. You seldom get the "well Mr quacksoflife we've lost your luggage" or "your flight has been delayed two days." "Please enjoy two days of your holiday looking at concrete". Its off-putting. I know MILLIONS of people do it every year but it unnerves me. I get up of a morning and I'm there and I'm relaxing. I don't have to check in, hang around, mix with other people, I just get away.

And of course if I do find I've failed to pack my underwear (as I did on one famous occasion), its considerably less embarassing if you feel in control of the situation. HA HA

It may happen one day. Diane and Keith have asked me a few times to go abroad but I have a fear that additional members of the party will be these manic birders who want to see everything. Unlike me who may decide that this is a lovely little harbour and that seat looks a nice place to watch the world eat an Ice cream and read a book.

And I am not sharing a room !! I want privacy - have I mentioned this before :D

But I think those of you wanting something more exotic from this blog may be disappointed although you'll get North Wales in 2009 !!


oldcrow61 said...

Got up, made coffee, turned on computer, checked your blog (it being the first one on my list) and I've been laughing ever since. So funny how you feel about traveling. I feel very much the same way. Never been much of a joiner, a bit of a loner myself, believe it or not, lol. What's this about failing to pack your underwear...I want to hear that story, lol. I enjoy your blog even if it goes on forever and a day about the UK.

Carin Fuchs said...

LOL LOL Pete, I can't imagine that someone will be disappointed by your blog - even if you'll never go abroad!

I am not a 'group-person' either and I always travel alone. I don't NEED to see everything and its perfectly ok for me to sit infront of a 'must have seen' church, museum etc. ! LOL LOL
And as for not understanding the local language: Every information you'll need you can obtain in english and everything spoken around you and you don't understand is not worth your concern. LOL LOL LOL LOL If someone want's you to understand it they'll find a way.

digibirder said...

Pete, you're seeing problems where there are no problems.

I can understand that you would not feel comfortable in a large group, but to say you don't do people well is a nonsense, as you organise outings and invite others along.

We have only done 'manic birding' holidays two or three times, and I have to say it's not my thing either, but we wanted to see lots of stuff, and there was lots to see, but ordinarily we would be happy to potter around, sit and have an ice cream, etc. In fact on one of the trips that's what we did - had a little respite from the dashing around.

If you came with Keith and me there would be no problem with you bowing out for a morning or afternoon, or even a whole day if you wished.

The language issue is also not an issue. And losing luggage and cancelled flights are not commonplace. And other countries do have underwear shops!!

Pete said...

OC - the underwear was on the infamous holiday when I fell into a bog field and had my trousers covered in mud.

Diane - I don't do people well. I will elaborate on this when I get a mo.

Pete said...