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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dad and I head to Hadleigh

Last time I was out with Dad we saw a sign for Hadleigh and Dad commented that he had never been.

I have been to Hadleigh (the church is in the book) but it was years ago and as the weather was nice I took the old boy for a ride.

Hadleigh is a pleasant small town. Butchers, banks in old style buildings that sort of thing. Its one supermarket is a small and well stocked Co-Op but Hadleigh is underthreat and everywhere you went were signs in windows against the threat of ... Tesco.

Now I have some sympathies with Hadleigh it will lose much of its character but the residents food bills will no doubt go down. You can read more here.

Anyway we went into the church which makes a nice setting with an old gate house and guildhall.

As you can see some old things in the church - tee hee.

Anyway we stopped off somewhere to eat our Sandwich and I snapped some Swans and Ducks. Only had the travel lens.


Tricia said...

Well - I thought I was a traditionalist in terms of Church architecture and furnishings BUT - that stained glass window is amazing!

Yoke said...

i can sympathyse with the residents of the town; we have been fighting that battle for a long time now and I'm not sure if a heavier purse makes up for inviting a larger carpark, foreign products, or the landscape it is going to ruin in many cases.

Love the Mallards, of course, and also the church pictures, Pete.

turquis said...

I wonder how that lovely new stained glass window came to be made? Did the old one break?

turquis said...

also,I wonder what happened to the praying man's face on the metallic tablet? Sure stinks about Tesco. brrrr. Why put it in the middle of town?

oldcrow61 said...

Enjoyed the pictures. I like the one of your father. A very good looking man.