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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its Cold, Grey and Wet

Will someone please remove this blanket of grey? I can take cold but I'd like it to be crisp and dry with bright blue skies.

Anyway it isn't pleasant out there and the constant drizzle means I decided against going out this afternoon.

Dad and I went to Tesco this morning. They had a decent range of digital radios and I had a quick look (why is the stlying so NAFF!!). Saw a couple of models that were less compact than the Roberts RD14 I was looking at, but both were ok for travel (Roberts RD-59 and the Sony XDRS55). I will need to think.

I hope to be going to London next Saturday, I'm not sure where to go to yet. Possibilities? well what do you reckon to one of the following?
National Gallery
British Museum
Tower of London
Kensington Palace

I'll probably take my little Canon (I wish it had a wide-angled lens, and before twitchi says anything NO) and leave the dSLR at home.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Works of Art? Well have some ducks

Well I was planning on going to London today. I was going to wax lyrical about wonderful works of art. Instead I woke up a bit later than expected and then decided my bed was too comfy.

So I went to the forest. Lots of winter thrushes about with numbers of Fieldfare and Redwings up on a month ago, annoyingly the Goosander on the lake which was reported earlier in the week had gone, still the Mallards were joined by lots of Gadwall, a few teal and tufties and a lone drake Wigeon. Only one Great Crested Grebe in winter plumage and lots of Moorhens. I also saw a few flocks of Long Tails. A pleasant couple of hours.

As I drove into Harlow on the A414 (from the M11) a couple of deer ran along the side of the road.

The light was attrocious but a few pics.

Given the last one was with VR off and was at 1/125 hand held I was quite pleased. The ergorest works fairly well.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holy death Batman

Well you would believe they've killed Batman!! Apparently DC comics have killed the character Bruce Wayne who is Batman.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Several years back DC killed off Superman (only to bring him back!) and recently Marvel killed off Captain America.

So will Batman and Bruce go? The betting is that someone else will pick up the cowl and become the Caped Crusader.

I was never a fan of the Batman and DC comics more of a Spider-Man marvel kind of guy. Probably like most people my recollection of Batman is the camp sixties series.

Now excuse me whilst I think of Julie Newmar as Catwoman in that tight costume or Yvonne Craig as Bat-Girl in an equally tight costume both in the camp sixties series.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alas poor Tchaíkowsky

André Tchaíkowsky died of cancer in 1982 aged 46. He donated his body for medical science with the proviso that his skull "shall be offered by the institution receiving my body to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical performance."

HOWEVER although the skull has been used in rehearsals it has never been used on stage.

David Howells, curator of the RSC's archives, said:

In 1989 the actor Mark Rylance rehearsed with it for quite a while but he couldn't get past the fact it wasn't Yorick's, it was André Tchaíkowsky's.

However Mr Tchaikowsky has finally got his wish. David Tennant(yep he of Dr Who fame) has used the skull in 22 performances of Hamlet in Stratford-upon-Avon this year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Digital Radio anyone?

As I sat in my htoel room over the past few days I couldn't help but notice that there was very little on the telly I wanted to watch. When I watch telly at home it tends to be ITV3 for the old reruns of classic serials.

Now I know that freeview allows you access to Digital Radio and I've listened to and enjoyed this at home.

I am considering getting a personal DAB radio. It would get me five live in better than AM quality and I could listen to BBC 7. Does anyone have any experience with this?

The two models I was considering was the Roberts RD14 and the Pure Pocket DAB 1500

can any one tell me the difference between this Roberts RD14 and this Roberts RD14 and ths Roberts RD14. Other than the price!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday - some churches to finish

Well homeward bound

I did stop in at Welney but there were few swans. Apparently they had been upset by the swan count earlier sssoooo have some churches.

732 St Michael, Swaton

733 St Mary, Weston

734 All Saints, Moulton

oh and I've checked my work email! How sad is that!

Monday – Birdless at Blacktoft

I had no idea what to do today and as Alkborough was irritating me and it wasn’t far …..

730 St John, Alkborough

In one photo you’ll see a replica of my bete noire Julian’s Barrow (apparently there is a replica on a tomb stone and in one of the windows.). You’ll also see a picture of a Romano British stone.

So where now? Do I go across the Humber Bridge to tick a church in Hull and then stop at Water’s Edge in Barton? Well the RSPB reserve Blacktoft Sands has been excellent on my two previous visits and today? It was birdless!! Ok there were Tree Sparrows and Goldfinches and I did see a Marsh Harrier and a Water Rail but of the 4 hides I visited I saw so few birds. One had a solitary Reed Bunting and another a Redshank!! Oh well it happens!

731 St Lawrence Corringham

This is an old church dating from the 11th century and well restored by Bodley and Garner. Some of the glass is by Kempe.