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Monday, October 06, 2008

Will have to do Wales now!!

Cherrypie asked me a question on churches and whilst trying to find the answer found this. This is the chap whose English church book I'm ticking and whose English house book lives in my car.

It covers the castles, houses and churches of Wales, the thing with churches is there are sssoooo many of them so something to give you a hint to the better ones is always worth having.

I was wondering about showing you North Wales and I fancy a trip out to Skomer again. Pete wanders back an replans the 2009 holidays :D Oh go on you know I'm ALWAYS thinking holidays.


oldcrow61 said...

Lol, you and your holidays. I wouldn't mind seeing North Wales at all.

Tricia said...

Skomer - now there's a place on my wish list..

Anonymous said...

Always thinking holidays? I don't know how you have time to go to work in between your holidays!! ;)

Pete said...

well di some of us were in the office at 7am this morning.