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Friday, October 10, 2008

White Sparrow

Click on the link for a white house sparrow!!


avalon said...

That is so unusual, must find it hard to blend in! and easy for other birds to attack it i would have thought

Tricia said...

Amazing - would love to see any type of sparrow in the garden; but a white one, well.......

Anonymous said...

It is lovely. :-) I would have thought it was a budgie, but then you would take a second look and realize it wasn't.

Concerning my link... a shame it's disappeared so fast, but I'm not surprised. :-) Iceland was up for sale on eBay. 99p start price, 'collect in person'. Jolly said "no!"

Yoke said...

I just lope no Sparrowhawk is nearby; it is standing out as a flashing beacon.

Strange that the caption under the first photo speaks of an Albino bird, and yet it seems to be leucistic.

There's quite a lot of leucistic birds in the UK, all different kind of species.