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Friday, October 17, 2008

Not what I had planned.

I sit here with no blog. I had set out this morning at 6am with my little Canon A620 in my jacket pocket and I had intended to be regaling you with pictures of St Margarets Church Barking.

Why the Canon and not a dSLR? well it has been taken out countless times this year and bearly a photo in anger has it taken. I felt sorry for it, after all it was the camera that got me into photograhy.

There are several excellent compacts about at the mo (I know this because a colleague is looking for one), and of course your blogger would like to try one (stop laughing twitchy-birder) but the truth is it would be a complete waste of money. But I would really like..... HA HA

Anyway said Canon was waiting to do what it was intended but I decided that events (nowt to worry about as it happened) meant I ought to pop back to the other office and so I had to endure 5.5 hours of meetings. The Canon is looking sorry for itself.

So what to blog about. If you went back and clikced on some of the additional links on the Alien Invader post you may have seen this but have a speeded up footage of baby Red Squirrels.


Tricia said...

The baby red squirrels had me giggling - great clip!

My Canon compact languishes in the boot of my car; it's always there when I open the boot - I have to avoid it's eyes - the emotion is too much! It sulks now, every time I add the dSLR bag to the boot...

Mary said...

You owe your Canon an outing, really.

The Red Squirrel was cute. Do they really move so quickly?

Pete said...


I did have to smile that it was you who empathised with the little Canon :D

the Squirrel footage was speeded by I believe.

oldcrow61 said...

Well...the red squirrels ran by so fast that I didn't even see them, lol. Where did I go wrong Pete dear??

Pete said...

uhm uhm. it wasn't that fast OC!!