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Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Magic

As we breakfasted this morning two things were clear. It was gloriously sunny AND it was colder. Hey no problem with me.

We headed to Holkham and headed along the back of the trees towards Burnham Overy. A few Goldcrest, Longtails etc and some calling Geese and Wigeon but nothing to tempt the average twitcher.

So some landscapes.

We reached the enf of the path and then headed back. We had JUST past Joe Jordan hide when we espyed a raptor. Sparrowhawk? Uh no it was streaked? Kestrel? It flew wrong! OOH hang on its a Merlin!!! or it's not!! in fact a Juvenile Hobby.

Some landscapes of the beach.

Rare sighting of Diane with her camera!!

Where to now? Said adieu to Diane and Keith, and headed to Blakeney.

I would have been happy with a Sandwich in the car and a tea from the flask but Trish insisted we went in some posh hotel!! I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit here.

Anyway I thought I'd show Trish St Martin's, Glandford. It's a small church that was essentially rebuilt as a funeral chapel at the turn of the last century.

723 St Mary, Beeston

I first came here on 17th July 2000. The church was locked and I couldn't be bothered to get the key. I'd go another day. Alas for the past 4 year St Mary's has been under repair due to a severe case of Death Watch Beetle.

I did get to see the dust sheets and I was told by a workman the scaffold comes down soon.

And some Windmill shots to end.


oldcrow61 said...

Great scenic shots. That Merlin is one beautiful bird. The shots of the gull in flight are awesome. Nice things in that church.

Anonymous said...

Now that's my idea of scenery - thanks for a glorious post! ~ Deb

Yoke said...

Love the photos, Pete.
The Black headed Gull shots are great, and so are the Merlin ones.

Also, the landscapes are very good for taking a few seconds and just take in what you saw there in front and around you.

Gosh, it must have been 18 years at least since I was on an actual beach myself!

Seems Norfilk is well suited to you and Trish.