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Saturday, October 04, 2008


The weather doesn't promise much this weekend and so as I didn't fancy long drives I stayed local.

I've not been over the Forest for a while and it's always interesting to see the changes. Perhaps the most bizarre thing was to see a few remaining House Martins zipping about for food before they head off south for winter, whilst also seeing a flock of Redwings who no doubt have just arrived for winter! The lake had no surprises but the usual Mallards have been joined by teal and gadwall.

Only 1 pair of Great Crested Grebe remained with their youngster (well so I could see), it seems to have been a good year for the Grebes.

The tit family are colourful little fella but the very similar Marsh and Willow Tit are more subdued. This is a Marsh Tit.

So on to Rye Meads. Few Green Sandpipers and Snipe about, also a lone Wigeon.



Youngster practicing.

A distant Common Snipe

When this chap landed everything headed for the water!


Tricia said...

Like the Heron pic - good sequence of swan taking off too.....

Wendy said...

Nice pics. I also loved the swan taking off!

Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the shoveler photo as I rarely see them...nice grouping of the swans and the heron...Pete I think I may need your help, if you can drop by my site I would be so grateful.

oldcrow61 said...

Your marsh tit reminds me so much of our little chick a Dee. Guess it's the black cap. I love the pictures of the youngster practicing.

Pete said...

OC i think they were once considered to be the same species. they are similar, belong to the same family.

Anonymous said...

Love the second pic - ducks in a row and their reflections.