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Monday, October 20, 2008

Hedgehogs not guilty?

As I'm sure some of you know Scottish National Heritage has a project to remove Hedgehogs from North Uist and until last year (when they started with working with Uist Hedgehog Rescue to remove the critters) they wer killing the Hogs. Apparently they've spent a million pounds over the past 5 years.

Hogs were introduced to the Island in the 1970's and it was thought they were eating birds eggs.

Anyway the Scotsman is reporting that a report says that the oystercatcher population has dropped 5 percent on North Uist, where most of the hedgehogs have been killed or moved. On South Uist, the oystercatcher population is up 20 percent and has grown 9 percent on Tiree, where hedgehogs continue to flourish.

So was the Hog being unfairly blamed!! I bet Jan is seething at the hogs killed in the first 4 years.


Jan said...

I seethe at anything being killed as you know. It doesnt bare thinking about. :o(

oldcrow61 said...

It's disgusting. I agree with Jan.