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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A day of two halves.

Oh I forgot to mention that though I may be on holiday I was being rung yesterday!!

I was bushed last night but woke at 4am!! (or 5am as it would have been).

Trish and I were joined for Breakfast by Diane, Keith, Dave and Joy. Diane and Keith were camping. It was apparently VERY windy last night and Diane had bearly slept.

So off to Titchwell. It was raining and cloudy so no photos. We saw many of the birds we saw yesterday but it was very quiet. The star bird was a Bittern flying over!

We headed to Cley, Dave and Joy had to leave us at about 1pm and the rest of us headed to North Scape to see a Grey Phalarope but apparently it had gone so we didn't bother. From the first hide a few birds.


Black Tailed Godwit



We also saw a few waders Ruff, Dunlin and Lapwing and a pair of Marsh Harriers.

Off to the three hides grouped together and the sun came out!! Got a text reporting the Phalarope was back but distant but we thought stuff it.

Sat in the first hide and guess what showed up!! Grey Phalarope, well chuffed only see one of these before!! Way too distant for a photo. Also had a Barn Owl in the scope at the same time.

There were up to 5 Marsh Harriers and a Snipe showed.

Some photos none of the "good" birds were in range.

Incoming Geese.


Little Grebe which do you prefer?

As Diane put it, the Obligatory Mallard!

Great Day good company and some nice birds. Well chuffed with the Phalarope.


oldcrow61 said...

Really enjoying the pictures Pete.

Carin Fuchs said...

Wonderful pictures as usual, Pete! If I was to pick a favorite picture, I think mine would be the Coot.

Anonymous said...

Had coots in my Lily Pond for two days this spring. The only other water fowl we have in common, is the 'Obligatory Mallard.' Our two pairs of wood ducks are still in residence, as well - handsome fellows!

As always, this was a throughly enjoyable journey ~ Deb