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Saturday, August 09, 2008


Uhm well I'm away again.

I'm having a well deserved long weekend in Surrey (its terribly POSH - pronounced PO sh).

I arrived in bright sunshine and soon started ticking.

Although 708 St Nicholas, Worth is in Sussex.

Those big arches are Saxon.

And so into Surrey.

709 St Peter & St Paul, Chaldon with its mural dated to 1200 and contrary to the guide book its not the oldest in the country, we in Essex have one older :D

710 St Mary, Bletchingly

I popped into see Elizabeth and Malcolm before heading off to check in and then go to Polesden Lacy in the rain :(

And then on to 711 St James Shere, a lovely village if they banned the car!!


Kate said...

Lovely pics! It's amazing to think there are still bits of Saxon architecture in use.

oldcrow61 said...

Of course you deserve a holiday, I mean, it's been so long, (laugh). oooooh, I want that "Dragon at the gate", if it is a dragon. The statues are beautifully done. Wonderful flowers as well. Great pictures.

Pete said...

Kate - I know flipping 1000 years! Not like the millenium dome :D

OC - its a griffin, think they'd notice if you nicked it!

Attila The Mom said...

You just take the most fabulous pictures. It's almost like being there!