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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uncle Sam has a sulk

You have to laugh at our cousins across the pond.

As you may know the medals table is listed by descending Gold Medal, Silver etc....

Anyway as I was driving home I heard that NBC is now displaying the table in descending order of TOTAL medals won. Would that have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the traditional way shows them in ahem 2nd place?

I ought to add its not unheard of for a country with the most golds to have less overall medals. In 1964 for instance the US led the table because they had more golds but the USSR had more medals.

Of course us Brits us likely to prefer the official way it shows us beating the Aussies always nice to see.


avalon said...

Coming second is not an option for the USA where as we brits are quite used to coming well down the order, i must say we have done remarkably well this time, just seen chris hoy get his 3rd gold medal quite an achievement

Janine said...

Its all about quantity, not quality ;)