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Friday, August 29, 2008

New Trousers

And so another week comes to an end. It's exciting today as I'm interviewing all day (if you believe that you'll believe anything!!), I've popped out for a sandwich!

The weather is meant to be nice tomorrow so I have to decide what to do. It appears I am going to HAVE to do something else I hate..... clothes shopping!! I am in need of a new pair of casual trousers and two pairs for work! I don't like spending money on clothes at the best of times but on a nice day? Yuck! I suppose I could do with a few new work shirts as well - SIGH! Honestly, new camera? No problem! Food? No problem! Books? No problem! Holidays? bring it on! Clothes? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to plan my day and slot in a quick trip to M&S/Tesco. I think its going to be a local day and so I may pop down to the dragonfly sanctuary (nature reserve) at Cornhill Meadows. Think you must be sick of the Forest and Rye Meads. If anyone would prefer architecture to wildlife let me know.

Of course knowing me I am likely to fly to Tesco at 6am buy some trousers and then head off somewhere totally different!!


oldcrow61 said...

ooooooooh, new hair cut, new clothes! You're gonna look right spiffy.

Jan said...

Well Tescos is open 24 hours, so why not get down there at night, then you don't miss out on doing stuff in the daylight! Or is that only a woman's logic?

I reckon he's got his eyes on a woman oc, all this sprucing up..... ;o)