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Friday, August 08, 2008

Every Four Years

I do hope you like sport because it is about to go wall to wall, its the Olympics. For the next few weeks the TV stations will be full of it.

Now I have to admit to quite liking the Olympics, it's that time every 4 years where we get to watch a sport we would never watch in a million years and get into it.

If we go back 4 years I can remember the Badminton bronze medal playoff and cheering on Emms and Robertson. I remember predicting that Kelly Holmes was more likely to win a gold medal than Paula Radcliffe.

The day of the mens coxless 4 I was going to the birdfair and meeting someone there. They were waiting for me but I refused to move out of the car until the race had finished and Pinsent picked up his fourth gold. The stand i was sitting on had a telly and everytime the beeb repeated this people stopped to watch it.

Forget the millionaire tennis players, the football etc and wasn't it great to see the US lose in the Basketball - HA HA HA. Sorry folks but I did enjoy seeing these "superstars" get there egos kicked. Will Michael Phelps winning an amazing 8 golds? Who'll be the fastest man? Tyson Gay, Asafah Powell or Usain Bolt?

Sometime in the next 16 days someone, who you probably won't have heard, will do something magical and we'll gasp.


Attila The Mom said...

We got all our snacks lined up and can't wait!!!

Jan said...

Yeah I'm looking forward to it too, love the athletics best, and the boxing...

oldcrow61 said...

I never watch it but you do make it sound exciting, lol.

st said...

worlds fastest man- Usain Bolt.
I also enjoy the sports you never see.

Yoke said...

I love Athletics best, plus swimming, and many more.

Hope Paula's injuries won't have too much influence on her performance. Surprise that Kluft is out of Heptathlon.

Although I like to watch some tennis in summer {the colours of hard surfaces hurt my eyes too much} not during the Olympics.

Love watching the tabletennis too, the way they move so fast! {same for speed-walking.

see you across the tube, Pete.



Anonymous said...

I remember that coxless 4 race - it was a really emotional occasion.

I will probably watch some of this year's games. The opening ceremony was quite a display.