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Monday, August 25, 2008

Being a tourist guide

Trish has long hinted that she would like to visit Rye Meads so I said yesterday if she wanted to come up to day I'd show her around.

As she was early I took her to the forest first. The sun was shining, not many birds we had a big Goldfinch flock (mixed adults and juveniles) and a Common Whitethroat. I did see a Kingfisher and Trish missed it again!

The lake was quiet (it will be until autumn/winter now) still three adult Great Crested Grebes and two juveniles (we discovered that there have been two breeding pairs this year, having two broods each).

The buddleia by the shell house was alive

We stopped for breakie at the National Trusts excellent tea bar. Trish enjoyed her pig in a poke even if she moaned about the sudden loss of sun.

And so on to Rye Meads it will be interesting to read about it through other eyes.

Lots of Green Sandpipers about, Trish found a Kingfisher. Lots of young birds, including Little Grebes. Oh I was well chuffed to find the Garganey again.

Record shots


Tricia said...

A good day from beginning to end; thanks Pete :D

Mary said...

You got some lovely shots . I haven't seen many Kingfishers this year and not much luck with butterflies either.

(I now have a Nikon d60 got to start saving for some lenses now!)

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely pictures. The Butterfly and Bee ones are so colourful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for introducing us to so many interesting species, especially to those of us here on the East coast of New England... Deb

Pete said...

Mary - look forward to seeing the pics :D