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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

After the deluge

I was awoken this morning by the sound of rain LASHING down. I had visions of blog saying "sat in car and read" but it cleared up !! So firstly we have Sheffield Park Gardens.

Oh look what i found!

The gardens are lovely.

And so on to Wakehurst Place.


oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful places you visit. The pictures are wonderful.

Jane said...

Is it a southern hawker? Looks beautiful. Jane

Anonymous said...

That first dragonfly is absolutely incredible.

Pete said...

anony, oc - many thanks

jane - got my book to hand now. Its a Migrant Hawker. Southern is bigger with more green.

Carin Fuchs said...

Your landscape pictures are beautiful Pete, - very romantic views of the meandering river and lush trees.
Is there anything you'd like to tell us Pete? LOL LOL LOL LOL