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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I was almost tempted not to watch this years Springwatch. It has become a bit samey and Bill gets dafter as the years go on. Bill mate relax, remember how you presented Birding with Bill and Oddie Goes wild? That's what we want, it was superb.

Still as they had changed venue I thought I'd give it a go and I'm rather pleased they have. It looks like someone has put something in Bill's tea as it seems more restrained this year. The odd moment but not too bad.

The change of venue has helped as there are many new species to look at. The Little Ringed Plover close ups are superb as was the Treecreepers the other night. I still don't get Simon King's role (and sorry I think John Aitcheson would do a better job) and I think the best sections are the pre recorded bits showing us what is in our gardens or just about. The Pine Marten in someones roof in Scotland the Bank Vole in someones garden, superb! (Gordon Buchannan is pretty good). And there are moments of high drama, a male swallow committing infanticide.

They do tend to stick to birds (the cute, Blue Tits - ah! and the impressive - Osprey) and mammals. How about a piece on Dragonflies or the migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly.

Still its a better programme than it has been for a few years.


Jane said...

I agree. From what I've seen this year it does seem better. I loved the pine martins... and it was great seeing the wild cat. As well as dragonflys, what about snakes/lizards? I'd love to see them more. Jane

Liz said...

I find he tends to get worse as the weeks go by, so who knows how he'll be come next week??

Simon King doesn't bother me, I can't say I've ever thought what's the point in him being there but sniffing poo was a little bit unnecessary... I'm not entirely sure why they decided that'd be a good idea.

It would be good to see footage of something a little different, but then I do say that about all animal programmes. How many hundreds of programmes have we seen on lions, tigers, elephants - very tiresome. Come on let's have something less known, there are lots of very interesting animals out there, Rodents are a massive family and yet rarely have programmes on any rodents at all other than the odd mention of how evil and dirty rats and mice are.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched Springwatch and I suspect he's not altogether fond of cats. I have a Goodies CD, though...

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, the funky gibbon..."

Jan said...

Bill said the other night that they had received a lot of emails etc about him not taking things seriously enough, so I guess he has been told to be more sensible. I am finding him a bit more tolerable this time.

I wouldn't bother watching it if it weren't for Simon though to be honest, and not just because I fancy him, I find his locations more interesting on the whole, apart from when it involves the gory stuff.

Mo said...

I was just saying the same to Alan about Bill O - he tries too hard to be funny these days. His last series was terrible.

And just why do they bother with the invisible badgers??

Having said, that I've enjoyed most of it this year.