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Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick Flit to London

I didn't set the alarm this morning ah a lay in. I woke at 5:30!!!

Well as I mentioned the other day off to London. As I mentioned my destination was close to church on my list so

688 St James the Less, Pimlico.

It doesn't look that prepossessing on arrival.

To be fair it would look good in an open plaza not crammed into naff housing estates, hey ho.

I knew it was open (I had checked) but it was all locked and you had to buzz the adjacent office for entry. But on entry it was quite interesting.

I got to Grays and no problems.

So where to? I was tempted to wander St James Park or the Tower of London but it is a bit difficult to take photos with a few bags etc. So I headed home and went to Amwell. Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers about, young Redshanks and the usual suspects.

All this train travel got me a fair way through my latest book Lord of Emperors by the excellent Guy Gavriel Kay. Kay is a VERY superior fantasist.

Oh popped into pet shop and got soe stuff to send to Shane and yes Jan I did ensure I got a few toys for exercise! Oh and I saw a sign beware of the King Charles Caverlier Spaniel GUFFAW. I could just see Emma sat below this.


oldcrow61 said...

lol, I can just see Emma sat below that sign as well. Lovely stuff inside that church.

Jan said...

I've seen those signs too, I don't think anyone would be convinced. However, have you not noticed the sign I have in my front porch, I have posted it on my blog once or twice, to show the pots of plants etc. Top right hand corner. ;o)

Pete said...

nor me jan! like the pic!

Dawn said...

Erm, I thought you worked in London.........?

Pete said...

not in central london Dawny