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Friday, June 20, 2008

Off to Cornwall

I’m now back in the 1950’s, welcome to Cornwall.

Anyway I headed off this morning and headed to Honeychurch (which is in Devon)

677 St Mary, Honeychurch

I hadn’t got it on my holiday list until chatting to a colleague at work who lives near here and looking at a map to see where he lived remembered I hadn’t visited this one.

This place really is the middle of nowhere! It’s almost a farmer’s chapel. It’s rather pleasant.

So after popping into visit and have a coffee with my friend Jan. I was going to go to Padstow but the car parks were full so I got my key to my room and went to Pencarrow

Entry to the house is by guided tour. I was on a tour of ONE!! There were people about guess they didn’t fancy the 2:15 tour!!

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