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Saturday, June 21, 2008

a damp end

When I nosed out of the window at a ridiculously early hour everything was misty. It had cleared by the time breakfast came but it was obvious the weather was not going to be good.

I headed to Sidmouth. Sidmouth is a very nice seaside town it feels like a small Eastbourne.

So I headed to 687 St Winifrid Branscombe

Anyway in the village is the only thatched forge still surviving.

The old bakery is now a National Trust team room. Well I just had to have a cuppa and a toasted tea cake now didn't I ;)

As I left the heavens opened! I decided that a wander around Beer was a waste of time so I got myself a pack of sandwiches. I parked up to read my book, listen to the cricket and eat the sarnies.

At 2pm I dutifully turned up at Shute Barton only to find it was closed due to exceptional circumstances. Nothing on the website.

I went for a potter around Honiton but eventually thought this is daft and returned to put my feet up.

Pity about the damp end but been a lovely week.


Ally said...

Lovely photos ... haven't been to that neck of the woods for years - we used to go to Seacombe and Beere for days out from home when we were kids.

leazwell said...

Simply charming.

Janine said...

Great pics Pete. Glad you enjoyed your holiday :)

Tricia said...

Sorry that it was a damp end to your hols; it was definitely a wet Devon day! But you entertained with some great pictures over the week :)

KAZ said...

Thanks for these pics. My friend often visits Sidmouth, but she hasn't got a camera.
I'll know what she's on about now.

Kate said...

A thatched forge - is that safe? Maybe not as there is only one left LOL