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Saturday, June 28, 2008


I decided to take the camera for a try out at Barnes. I mentioned this on messenger to Tricia and we agree to meet up.

The weather was lurvely but the birds were conspicuous by there not being that many !! Lots of Sand Martins, some Common Terns, Green Woody, Warblers calling, Redshank and an unknown raptor which I had a 2 second glance of.

Still some photos....

Lots of young coots

This young heron was playing hard to get stuck in the reeds!

but this one....

I do like male Tufties

Ruddy Duck

Black Tailed Skimmer

Pochard Ducklings


Young Coot having a splash

Young Tufties

This coot kept going back to the nest.


Adult Blue Tit, bit scruffy!!

Young blue tit through glass

Pied Wagtail

And just as we were about to leave we got word that 4 Black Tailed Godwit had dropped in. A bit distant but a record shot.

Pleasant day in good company.


oldcrow61 said...

Those baby coots are so cute. Great pictures Pete.

Mary said...

I do like baby coots

Tricia said...

Like the colour and sense of movement of the water with the Ruddy Duck. 'Twas a good day Pete - thanks.

Janine said...

Aww lovely babies.

KAZ said...

Love your duck pics.
I don't think pochard breed up 'ere, though we get plenty of them in winter.

Attila The Mom said...

Great pics! That top one is a scruffy-looking thing, isn't it? LOL

Mo said...

The young tufties look really scruffy.!

Pete said...

thanks all

Kaz - yeah we get lots more in winter. Don't think they ae a big breeder in the UK.

Anonymous said...

The middle tuftie is very nice.

To me the colours seem better with this camera.