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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Twitch

I actually twitched today. Ok it wasn't very far about 8 miles or so. The bird in question was a Red Footed Falcon and I had never seen one. It was sat in a tree and I could see its tail great! I thought walking along would help but it was well hidden. Walking 50 yards the other way it came into view.

So that's a lifer before breakfast! Oh a few photos.

Common Tern, posing!

Male Tufted Duck

So after lunch I went to Rye Meads. Lots of young birds, a Hobby, Redshank, Lapwings and just for St the famed tame Heron

You can see where it was standing.

These are young Mallard but I was pleased to see young Pochard about and a Little Grebe was nesting on a Tern raft.

These were a bit agressive.

Sedge Warbler

Oh the Heron had moved by the time I came back, he had moved along way eh!


Hornet said...

An 8 mile twitch - you devil! The photos are lovely, but where's the shot of the RFF? Those sad souls who haven't seen one (myself for example, as you well know) would like to know what we're supposed to be looking for.

st said...

that's your stuffed one legged herron, It's good of you to take him out once in a while ;)


Tricia said...

Like the tern pics - and the branch that it's perched on - makes a good composition.

ianrose82 said...

Nice pics Pete...I have a Tern picture just like yours :-)
Saw the RFF again tonight but a long way off so no photos.

Island Rambles Blog said...

Thanks Pete for the tufty duck..I just love them...ahhh.. such a nice post, I needed to get away from all the stressful blogging and relax with your pictures for a while...thanks..cheers Pete.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, that st kills me, thought I'd crack up after reading his comment re: heron. Great pictures Pete.

Mo said...

I wonder if the heron is related to the one in the Botanics in Edinburgh. The goslings are really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Loved the goslings... remind me of the three that nearly walked right up to my little dog, the other day... until their parents very noisily advised against it and marshaled them back into the water. Lucy was clearly disappointed at this turn of events. So, we turned our attention to swan watching... such an exciting time of year! ...Deb