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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ruddy Duck Update

Apparently and depressingly the plans to eliminate the Ruddy Duck from Britain are going well (depedent on your point of view). Apparently 1,190 ducks have been shot since September last year. It is reckoned that there are now only 400-500 birds, this one puzzles me since the eastimated ppopulation was 4,400 in November 2005.

The EU and Defra are proving £1.4 million for the cull. There are also breeding populations in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Ireland. Some countries like France are co-operating with the cull but the Netherlands is not (DEFRA is working on them).

The cull is being undertaken to protect the endangered White-Headed Duck and is being supported by wildlife charities like the RSPB.

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Mo said...

I miss seeing them at Kinnordy :-(